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UDINì live experience
Novembre 15, 2021

UDINì live experienceFormat idea and development, logo design and brand identity With Live music web serie designed and developed by Brodostudio. The brand image was developed around the ancient animation method of the phenakistiscope.

Novembre 15, 2021

AgrivelloBand Identity Logo and brand identity for Agrivello, an Italian startup that produces garden fertilizer by reusing sheep's wool waste.

Giugno 15, 2021

Dolomeyes, fear at first sightCampaign identity With Awareness campaign for UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, to trigger a cultural change and heighten awareness among people frequenting the mountains.

Febbraio 15, 2021

RIAN +Logo, brand identity and website Naming, logo design, brand identity and webside design for the consulting studio Rianplus.

Festival TERMINAL 2020
Settembre 5, 2020

Festival TERMINAL 2021Campaign identity Branding for the 2020's edition of Terminal, Udine's contemporary circus and arts festival.

UDINE 3D forum 2019
Novembre 15, 2019

UDINE 3D forum 2019Campaign identity With Branding for the 2019's edition of the UDINE 3D forum, a four days event, in the heart of the city of Udine, of conferences, lectures, shows regarding new technologies and innovation. The concept behind the campaign was the multidisciplinarity and it has been developed taking into account all [...]

Dicembre 12, 2018

Montessori CraftBrand identity 2016Logo and brand identity design, illustrations and layout design for publications and information material, photo shooting, corporate video and social media campaigns for Montessori Craft, an Italian craft enterprise that produces Montessori materials. 

Luglio 20, 2018

MOLIN NUOVOBrand identity 2017Restyling of the brand identity of the Molin Nuovo bakery and patisserie.

Novembre 12, 2017

SISONKE Experimentale Farm and Nature ConcervancyBrand identity 2017Logo and brand identity proposal for SISONKE Experimental Farm and Nature Conservancy in South Africa.