Graphic design 2011

In 2010, over the course of five months (gen.- may.), I collected the front page of four national newspapers: Il Manifesto (extreme left), Repubblica (centre-left), Il Corriere della Sera (centre-right), Il Giornale (extreme right) and selected four main topics particularly meaningful in that period, such as:

  • the Referendum about the privatisation of water in Italy
  • the Referendum about the possibility of producing nuclear power in Italy
  • the tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster that struck Japan
  • Berlusconi’s “Rubygate”, the scandal that involved the Prime Minister and an underage prostitute.

My aim was to track and visualise the amount of space granted to those very different kinds of news by politically divergent journals. I didn’t get into the content but I wished to analyse the visual “weight” that was given each news and reflect about the influence it has on the perception of urgency and priority around a topic.