My name is Irene Beltrame and I’m a creative professional based in Udine, Italy. I was born in Pordenone in 1990 and I graduated in Design and Art from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

Since 2014, I’ve been working as a photographer, filmmaker and illustrator, creating personal and commissioned projects. I’m passionate about visual storytelling and I love working with different media to create engaging content.

Photography gives me the possibility to fix moments and realities I encounter, from my personal perspective; illustration gives me the chance to represent new possible realities and tattooing to show somebody else’s own visions.

In 2021 I discovered the world of tattooing and realized how powerful it is to translate my illustrations into a sign that somebody feels so connected with to “wear it for life” and I began this amazing journey. Since the very first time I started practicing, I felt at ease with this technique, its possibility of expression and its limits. In the meantime I enjoy getting in touch with people, listening to their stories and developing their ideas into custom illustrations that become tattoos.

This job gave me the opportunity to combine what I love: listening, drawing and getting my hands dirty.

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