Wedding photography

Photographic reportage of unique wedding days

I like to define my approach to wedding photography as a documentary one: instead of posing photography I love to capture spontaneous moments (besides the unmissable ones of course! 😉 and this is probably what people appreciate the most… after passing the hangover and seeing the pictures of that special day!

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My approach

How I like to work

Before the wedding day I organize a meeting, either in person or through the web, and we discuss your expectations, requests, how much time you expect me to be present, etc. and prepare an economic offer.
– …assuming you accepted it… – 😉
During your special day, I try to be as discreet as possible and my aim is to make everybody at ease. I know how complicated it can be to be in front of a camera (…and that’s precisely why I’m behind it). I don’t believe in forcing people to do something they don’t find comfortable and I try to get the result (nice pictures!) with as little pain as possible for those involved!

The album

Small album within 2 weeks

After the wedding, and within 2 weeks time, I will produce a small album (with a maximum of 30 images), ready to be pulled out of the pocket and make colleagues at work envious! 

The rest of the post-produced images will be delivered within 3 months from the wedding day, through a Wetransfer/Dropbox link.

It will then be up to you to decide whether to make a big album with all of the e pictures or print several copies of the tiny one for friends and family.

Let’s discuss it together if I’m the right person to follow you on this special day!

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Let’s discuss it together if I’m the right person to follow you on this special day!