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Transeuropa Caravan- Mediterranean Route
Aprile 6, 2021

Transeuropa Caravan 2019Reportage - 2019ITALY- SLOVENIA - CROATIA In times of enclosure of civic spaces, close waters and minds, migration and borders are often nuanced with an aggressive and defensive tone. Mobility and shifting political lines are part of human history instead and this is specifically accurate for the countries involved in this route, whose [...]

Novembre 4, 2019

LAOSReportage - 2019Where mass tourism arrives, the face of a country is destined to change forever. When I arrive in a place that apparently still owns some of its true soul, I have almost a thrill, a forbidden pleasure in thinking I might be seeing things that will disappear at any moment. Then I realise [...]

Agosto 27, 2019

MEMORIESStill life 2013Silence, memories. Silent memories. The House project represents a photographic journey through rooms, corridors and forgotten corners of a past that ceased to exist with the departure of its owner, my grandmother, but still exists in the walls, objects and details, carefully preserved in a suggestive, almost obsessive, precision where they where. These [...]

Agosto 27, 2019

VIAGGIO ITALIA 2016Reportage 2016A journey through Italy and disability. Two men, two wheelchairs and a project in mind: 30 days to discover the Country through the organisations present in each region, involved in the creation of a more sustainable environment for people with any kind of disability. Besides that an even more challenging goal: experiencing [...]

Agosto 27, 2019

SRI LANKAReportage - 2014Colors, smells and smiles. A country characterised by a stunning nature, a long history and dazzling archeological sites, a deep religiousness and a generally positive approach to life that go hand in hand with a still present shade of the civil war, a strong mark of a heavy colonialism and the recent [...]

Agosto 27, 2019

ISRAELReportage 2012Every place, every face has multiple truths, as many as the eyes of the beholders and the times it can be seen. So every impression one takes home from a journey is his or hers only. When it comes to Israel, the word that comes to my mind is conflict. A cliché maybe? Conflict [...]

Agosto 27, 2019

INDIAReportage 2010For me travelling is not about visiting places I imagine are beautiful. It is more about understanding situations I could not have imagined… India is complicated and almost impossible to understand. Two months gave me just a tiny insight of a small part of an enormous country, of its complexity and of the completely [...]

Agosto 27, 2019

CUBAReportage 2014The Cuba reportage is the photographic representation of my experience during the month I spent researching for my bachelor thesis in design and arts. An island full of contradictions, beauty and misery, positiveness and cynicism. The main focus was about the long graphic and silk screen printing tradition that characterised all the visual communication [...]